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I drink good products from Hongkong, well election materials elegant, high quality, and be bold to traditional process with modern creation gimmick, show the authentic and unique flavor of a new generation of Hongkong.

    Hongkong is one of the world's largest free port, Chinese and Western culture here constant collision, blend, and formed its own unique food culture, as a port and trading center in the world renowned, Hongkong has the natural geographical advantages. I drink the good product selection of world famous brand of raw materials suppliers cooperation from Hongkong, so as to ensure product quality stability and good taste from the food source!

Hongkong is also the Chinese traditional culture especially the diet culture to save one of the better city, I drink good product R & D team searched the descendants of Hongkong folk Food, the spirit of Hong Kong Style drinks traditional exquisite production process to inherit and carry forward the goal, process on many classic Hong Kong drinking process standardized, and strictly abide by in the production process each time, only with such sincerity, to ensure dedicated to each drink customers are authentic Hongkong flavor!

The strict request I drink good products to the traditional production process of Hong Kong style, from the production of a glass of the house Hot Tea, HK Style is remarkable: I drink the good product production Hot Tea, HK Style raw materials, is strictly selected two kinds of first-class raw leaf ratio of mixed production according to the classical blend tea, well after the bubble to teh Tarik special process the mixture of tea and condensed milk, tea will be the two to a distance of about 1 meters distance repeated collision, and the number of no less than 7 times, in the process, milk particles due to repeated pour la, crashes, form the emulsified state, so that it can not only combine with tea, but also can make the tea and milk to get sufficient play. So the stringent requirements, to prepared a cup of "tea thin milk fat", authentic good taste Hot Tea, HK Style.